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adele's life
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Below are the 2 most recent journal entries recorded in adele_h's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
4:30 pm
We got a house! It's really really really nice! Woohoo! Its along Derby Road really close to where I am now, about 2 minutes closer to the uni, so im not saving myself much walking time, but its great. Its along the main road to the uni but its kinda set back so you cant hear all the noise when your in the house. Its got a garage out back and garden. Its actually a maisonette, a bottom floor of a house. You walk in and all the rooms lead off the hallway. First theres the smaller bedroom, which is still the same size as the room I have at the mo. And it has a double bed - wow! Next is the living room which has trendy sofas, and big front window, and a dining table. The next room is master bedroom , which is huge - theres four wardrobes built in along the wall and a double bed. The kitchens about the same size as the one we have at mo but a lot more modern and nice, everythings provided saucepans, wine rack, kettle toaster hoover etc, and theres loads of cupboard space. The bathrooms the smallest room but clean. The whole house had wooden flooring and is decorated in creamy colours to make it really light and airy. Its really trendy I love it...me and Ed went to look round yesterday and were like `wow that house is amazing` when we left, so i rang the letting agency up and said we'll have it! Have to sign contract in a few weeks. Now that we've got somewhere sorted I think James might be a bit worried they need to start lookin in order to get something nice, but its kinda hard cuz they dont know whos guna be here next year..ie.Dan might leave uni, Jimmy's gf Suzi is back from her year abroad so will she live with them etc etc. But i'd already arranged to look round a house in nearby Heron drive so Im guna keep my appointment and go there with James tomorrow - its only a 2 bedder tho so mite not be suitable for him - its also quite expensive.
Ed's dad is coming up with his girlfriend tomorrow and taking him out for dinner, but im prob not guna get to meet him as i am looking round house! Also i think it mite be nice for him to see his dad on his own as he hasnt seen him all term... when my parents come up I always like to go out for dinner with them on my own.
Also, finally finished my book today! Took me since start of term to read it, over 2 months. Can move on to next book in series now, but am trying to restrain as it will stop me doing work if i get into it!
Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
6:14 pm
Eeee! Can't wait till tomorrow. Spoke to Ed earlier and wished him good luck in his driving test which is tomorrow morning, I really hope he passes cuz its such a pain in the arse for him learning when he's at uni cuz of the long holidays. I think he wishes he'd done the driving thing a long time before he started uni so he wouldn't have to fart about with it now. I'm definitely pleased i got mine out of the way beforehand, it's come in really useful because if I hadn't been able to drive I wouldn't have been able to take on the Lloyd's job in Northampton.
Just spent today pottering around doing this and that. Got up reasonably early and took my wee sample up the doctors to check the cystitis has gone, took some clothes up the charity shop and returned the DVD's that i borrowed off mum's manager a while ago. I watched most of them including Master and Commander, Finding Nemo and Gothika, but I left Miss Congeniality and How to lose a guy in 10 days cuz they sound shit.
Then I drove up nans so pap could have a look at the car and just check the oil etc is ok since he fixed it last week. Nan also showed me her new computer, so far shes managed to work out how to play solitaire but hasnt ventured onto the internet yet!
Came home and faffed around eating, chatting to Ed re. the final details about tomorrow, and watched Neighbours. God its good to be around to watch it again! Then went up nans again to give her a ticket for some wool thats been put aside in the wool shop for the poncho she's knitting me. I know `something your nan knitted` generally means `aargh!` but its a nice design in a nice colour so its actually good. So now all thats left to do tonight is some packing and watching of the Big Brother eviction. My prediction is Jason to go.
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